The Story

Through the state of the art creativity using high- end motion graphics and animations we can create captivating video content for your audience, strengthening both engagement and brand awareness. 2D Animation is an effective way to communicate a serious and complicated message with clarity and sensitivity and can be use across a variety of applications.

An equal impactful art form, 3D animation entails modelling, texturing and lighting, together with rigging–essentially how we create the characters for your production. Smooth movement and natural depth expression can be created to suit a variety of character styles, whether you’re looking for 3D animation for in–house videos, products visualization or television.


Hamdoon Animated Series successfully launched with 15 episodes blended with a joint passion and creative mind.

Mr Abdulla Al Sharhan the creator and Founder of Ajyaal Media with the participation of his two Co-Founder Mr Marwan Al Marzooqi & Mr Taha Al Mansoori make the animation series suitable for all ages and values about the United Arab Emirates. 


In collaboration with our respective client International Fund of Houbara, we successfully created an animated movie of the Haboor bird with a joint creative concept of the team, targeting young audiences to learn about the preservation and importance of Haboor in the history and culture heritage.  


Making illustrations that can capture readers is a very challenging role of a creative agency, and we are glad that we conquer these challenges through combining our ideas with the collaboration with If§tah Ya Simsim, Bidaya.

We are so proud that we are part of their Season 1 & 2 and giving us a chance to showcase our creative ideas through Storyboarding, Artboarding and animations. 

Dubai Sport council

In the success of the collaboration with Dubai Sports Council. We are very proud to be part of their campaign. We produced an Animation with 3 episodes. Following the Standard Procedure, from character creation to production, we successfully finished it and satisfied our client