Hamdoon Animated Series successfully launched with 15 episodes blended with a joint passion and creative mind.

Mr Abdulla Al Sharhan the creator and Founder of Ajyaal Media with the participation of his two Co-Founder Mr Marwan Al Marzooqi & Mr Taha Al Mansoori make the animation series suitable for all ages and values about the United Arab Emirates. 


Through the state of the art creative thinking, Hamdoon Comic concept created.

Inspired with the Season 1 Animated Movie Series of the Emirati Cartoon “Hamdoon”. It’s a New journey combined with artistic approached and passion from the creator and the Ajyaal Media Team. 



Combining each talents and passion, we managed to explore our creative and unique approached from creation into reality. Through the content that we‘ve produced, we successfully created different customized merchandise items that will suit our audiences. Ajyaalstore (www.ajyaal.com) formerly Socoool (www.socoool.com) is the place where we are placing all our finished product to give access to our customers. 


We think, create, develop and produce. 



It's more fun to be more engaging. This is what we did in developing our Mascot Hamdoon, his character is being loved by everyone, his charm and curiosity capture a lot of attention, Curiosity that leads him to learn by heart. Making him alive is totaly different approched and it leads him to be more loved and have a chance to be more interactive. 

Combining each idea, we successfully made it and continue doing and sharing this talent to our customers by creating a character that will serve as their Marketing Tool.