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The Treasure of Shabhanah: Secrets Beneath the Shade of the Ghaf

In a moment that represent the vibrancy of culture and heritage, the launch of "The Treasure of Shabhanah" marks a luminous point in the journey of literature and art. With the brush of Abdullah Al Sharhan and the pen of Noura Al Khouri, in collaboration with the Al Watan Fund, this work paints a rich cultural and timeless narrative canvas, embracing the depth of the desert and its ancient secrets.

"The Treasure of Shabhanah" is more than a story; it's a celebration of the hidden beauty of the desert and the richness of Emirati history, paving the way for a new era of literature that reconnects us with our roots and inspires exploration into the unknown. Through this book, readers of all ages are invited to dive into a world filled with adventure and excitement, as well as learning and discovery.

Noura Al Khoori, with her carefully crafted story, and Abdullah Alsharhan, with his lifelike illustrations, together bring to life the art of storytelling capable of transcending the boundaries of time and space. They demonstrate how literature and art can inspire generations, strengthen national identity, and highlight the value of search and exploration.

The Al Watan Fund, by supporting this project, reaffirms its vision in promoting culture and knowledge among community members. "The Treasure of Shabhanah" stands as a distinguished model for this vision, pointing to the vital role that cultural partnerships can play in enriching the literary scene and stimulating creativity.

We invite everyone to experience this unique journey through the pages of "The Treasure of Shabhanah," to discover together the treasures hidden within our history and culture. This book is not just an addition to your library, but an invitation to adventure, to reflect, and to celebrate our rich heritage.

With every story told and every page turned, "The Treasure of Shabhanah" offers us inspiration to always seek to discover ourselves and the world around us. In this book, hope, adventure, and excitement come alive in an unforgettable journey that goes beyond words and images to touch our hearts and minds.


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