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Behind the Books

Unseen Heroes Crafting Magical Tales

Meet the Ajyaal team, a group of super-skilled, yet mysteriously faceless book wizards! They work tirelessly, crafting fantastic children's books that will make your little ones fall in love with reading. It's like they're playing hide-and-seek with the camera, always managing to stay out of sight! So, here's a big shoutout to our enigmatic squad, creating literary magic while keeping their faces top secret. Maybe one day we'll catch them on camera, but until then, we'll have to rely on reliable eyewitnesses to describe them in as much detail as possible.


Meet The Team

Taha Almansoori 

Co Founder & Managing Director

Our co-founder and managing director decided that soaring the skies just wasn't enough of a challenge. So, he hung up his pilot's hat and traded it for a chance to stay grounded with his kids, joining our team to create literary adventures for little ones. You know what they say: family comes first! Now, he's navigating the world of children's books, proving that you don't need wings to create magical journeys. Here's to our fearless leader, who knows that sometimes the best way to stay on top of things is to keep your feet firmly on the ground!

Abdulla Alsharhan

Co Founder & Creative Director

Meet Alsharhan, the talented self-taught artist who won the Kanagawa Biennial World Children's Art award twice when he was a kid. But when drawing started to look too easy for him, he challenged himself by delving into the fascinating world of computers, where he merged his drawing skills with digital painting. His cute style of cartoon characters has garnered a lot of attention, and one of his creations, Hamdoon, even became an animated series. When he's not drawing or torturing himself with children's book illustration, he's pursuing a PhD in Computer Science because, well, why not add more stress to an already busy life? With a lovely patient wife (who's also one of the hidden team members, by the way) and four kids, Alsharhan is a man of many talents, but mostly, he just likes playing with Legos.

Marwan Almarzooqi

Co Founder & Commercial Director 

Meet our co-founder and commercial director, the jack-of-all-trades who can't resist a good business idea! With over 10 years of experience developing businesses and managing strategic partners, he's co-founded successful ventures in retail, fashion, cafes, and kayaking (because who doesn't love a good kayaking business?). He's also an expert in customer service, mainly because he enjoys agreeing with customers at our expense! When he's not busy being an entrepreneur, he enjoys taking long vacations overseas. He doesn't know how he ended up selling children's books, but then again, a good salesman can sell anything (or so he thinks it's that easy). When he's not dreaming up his next big business idea, he's probably procrastinating or looking for his next big fish to catch (literally, he loves fishing too).

Our Clients

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