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Ajyaal Writing Contest: Revealing Our Storytelling Champions!

Sound the trumpets, unroll the red carpets and prepare for a nail-biting drum roll, folks! The long-awaited moment is finally here. It's the moment you've been obsessively refreshing your feeds for. 🥁👀

Whispered on the wind and confirmed by our ever-reliable rumor mill, the winners of the Ajyaal Writing Contest are about to be revealed. Say goodbye to suspenseful wait times, frenzied anticipation, and chewed-down nails! 🙌😬

Our muses have finally spoken, and the stardust from your tales of wonder has settled. Rest assured, your patience and dedication to the craft have not gone unnoticed! 📚✨

So, hold on tight to your hats (or emotional support pets, stress get the idea), as we reveal the victors of this literary joust. 💫🐱🎉

We know, it feels like waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter, but the wait is officially over (we solemnly swear!). 🦉🏰

Brace yourselves as we tear open the golden envelope... 💌✨

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, draw near as we disclose the champions of the written word. 🎉🏆

You've undoubtedly made this a tough decision for us. After endless debates, an ocean of coffee, and dramatic gasps worthy of a reality TV show season finale, we've reached our judgment. ☕📚😲

We made the Herculean choice. A choice so hard, it made picking between fries and salad seem like child's play! 🍟🥗💪

And now, for the drumroll… 🥁 (Yes, our drummer is back, still perspiring from the last announcement!)

Writing Contest Winners

In the "I'm-Still-In-School-But-I'm-Already-Crushing-It" category, the award goes to... drumroll intensifies...

Reeman Abdulla! 🎉🎓✍️ Let's hear it for this budding literary superstar!

Rayman is a remarkable Emirati 13-year-old children's book author, with numerous award-winning books to her name, including "Fayloon and his Lucky Hose," "Free your Imagination: The UAE in Your Eyes," "The Strange Wedding," and "The Magical Mint Farm".

As for the "I'm-An-Adult-But-My-Imagination-Never-Grew-Up" category, the winner is... drumroll climaxes...

Manal Alghadani! 🎉🍾📚 Let’s have a round of applause for this imaginative genius!

Manal Al-Ghadani is an Emirati children's writer and educator. She worked as an Arabic language teacher for many years, then as an academic advisor. Manal has already made her mark in children's and young adult literature. Her published works include "The Big Challenge," "Born Without Talent," "The Fifth Paper," and "The Moon Princess."

Let's calebrate our winners and a grand applause to all the participants! Each of you has weave tales that have intertwined with our hearts. Remember, you're all winners in our book. Stay tuned for more opportunities to showcase your talent and creativity. 📖🌟

Until then, keep writing, keep dreaming, and remember - the pen is mightier than the sword, but the keyboard conquers all! 🖋️⚔️💻


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