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🏆 The Award Winning Book 🏆

What Happens When Two Colors Collide?

Looking to resolve sibling conflicts? Teach your children the value of embracing differences and collaboration, fostering harmony at home and beyond.


Embrace the Colorful Adventure!

In a land so far and wide,

Colors were unknown, none could hide.

Houses, clothes, trees, and fruits,

All the same, how absolute!


Meet Blue, the First Colorful Creature


Blue came along, a creature new,

Spreading color, a lovely hue.

Changing the world with every stride,

Parents now have a color guide!

And Then Came Yellow


Yellow appeared, shining so bright,

A creature born, a true delight.

With a gift to make things gleam,

Parents' lives now less extreme.


Embracing Our Vibrant Differences


Our colorful creatures embark on a journey that teaches them about unity, diversity, and the magical powers of teamwork. It's a heartwarming and inspiring lesson on how different colors (and people!) can coexist, even when life feels like a never-ending whirlwind of mismatched socks.


Teaching Kids the Beauty of Coexistence

This tale of two colors will captivate children and teach them about the wonderful world of colors, while also showing them the importance of embracing differences and coexisting. It's a perfect solution for adding a heartwarming touch to your bedtime routine!

Hear It from Our Happy Readers

Fatima Al Ali

"Even though we read it repeatedly, my child won't go to sleep without hearing the story from this book every night."

Omar Al Zaabi

"I never imagined a children's book could impact my kids so deeply! 'A Tale of Two Colors' has brought our family closer and sparked vital discussions on embracing diversity and collaboration. A must-read for every household!"

Dr. Badeeah Alhashimi

"A meaningful story delivered in a lovely, creative style with exquisite writing. Kudos to the children's library for this exceptional release. Wishing you ongoing creativity."

Meet the Creators

Sara Gaiaudi

Sara Gaiaudi, an Italian Biomedical Engineer, traded her field for a love of illustration. Collaborating with various brands, she adores Japan, cute things, animals, and puns. A voracious reader since childhood.

  • @taylor_ross1

Abdulla Alsharhan

Emirati author and illustrator, Abdulla's love for discovering new things steered him away from architecture and towards creating "Hamdoon" and "Iftah Ya Simsim." He enjoys Lego modeling and learning new stuff.

  • @alsharhan

Award-Winning Book!

abdulla alsharhan.jpg

We are thrilled to announce that "A Tale of Two Colors" has won the prestigious Sharjah Children's Book Award for the Children's Book of the Year in the Arabic Children's Book category (for ages 4 to 12 years old)! This heartwarming tale has captivated the hearts of children, parents, and judges alike, making it a must-read bedtime story for every family.

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