Who we are​​

As part of Khalifa Fund and Twofour 54 in Abu Dhabi, Ajyaal Media is a leading and integrated company in the field of entertainment for children in the United Arab Emirates. Ajyaal Media was established in 2009 and it is manage by team of young Emirati entrepreneurs in addition to experienced staff, talented artist and passionate creators.


Ajyaal Proceeds in accordance with clear-cut plan to find innovated solutions to communicate the Arab traditional and cultural values in smooth, modern and suitable manner. Ajyaal prides itself to creating many special cartoon characters, in addition to the television series and products that enhance the sense of national identity and local values.


Ajyaal tries through its vision to be the reliable national partner in the development of media content for young children.


Its mission is to develop trendy media content that promotes meaningful messages targeting youth while taking culture of the society into account.

our services

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Mobile Apps

Video Games


Product Design

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Events Management

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Promos & Campaigns

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Print Publishing


Our team

We bring teams of creative and marketing talent together to help our clients achieve their mission. Thoughtfulness, originality, and attention to detail are the basis for every product we design, build, and market.


Design process

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 A stage where the client and Ajyaal Team meet to share plans and ideas.

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A stage where the team collate all the information’s such as plans and ideas shared by the client and proceed with the research to come up with a better idea to proposed to the client.

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A process of conceptualizing the idea generated through the result of the team research aligned with the briefing of our client.

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The process of asking a feedback from the client through the conceptualized design and proposal provided by the team. In this stage, the team and the client will agreed on something and both parties will sign to proceed with the process.

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The process of producing the result of the briefing, research and conceptualization. In this stage the delivery to the client will happen.

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our clients

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where to fINd us

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 801C, Rotana Building, Twofour54 Media 

PO Box 77931, Abu Dhabi,

United Arab Emirates


contact us

 Ajyaal Media FZ LLC

info@ajyaal.com | Tel: 971-2-645-4772

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